Ian Hollinhead the Face Behind Lake Shore Productions



          Ian Hollinhead began his career at the early age of 14 doing what was called at the time, "Production Death Runs" which would include filming (on average) over 300 Dancing competitions with Universal Studios, and or MMA competition performances at all of the Major Indian Casinos in one weekend, and then having all of the performances edited and shipped the following week. Ian was recognized by the executives with the Pay Per View Network for his creative ability and was soon assigned the task of strictly creating high end marketing commercials for big stars in the competition world that included such people as Quinton Rampage Jackson, Urijah Faber, and Floyd Mayweather, just to name a few.


        Ian also went on to help conceptualize his first MTV network show Bully Beatdown with MMA promoter Terry Trebilcock Jr. At the age of 17 Ian was pushing the computer systems at the company he was working for to the limit and began to experience serious glitch errors and bugs in the programs that he would use to edit. As a result Ian lost 3 months of work on a network project he was producing. Ian was frustrated and devastated at the time that he did not have the computer programming knowledge to fix the bugs or glitches himself. Ian knew that if he wanted to push the boundaries of this industry he couldn't let simple code glitches in a computer program stop him. As a result Ian began to take on in depth computer programming courses specifically in C+, Action Scripting, Ajax, and Adobe programming language, as well as gaining in depth knowledge of the entire Adobe creative suite. During this time of study Ian would take on and produce random live production events. A few (but not nearly all) of them included comedian Sinbad, Leann Rimes, Travis Tritt, and Thompson Boxing Promotions that would air on Fox sports in over 50 countries.


      Ian incorporated his new found computer knowledge into the productions he was taking on any chance he could. The networks were very impressed specifically by Ian's animation work for the T.V. commercials and show intros. As a result Ian was soon picked up by investors with Disney, Dreamworks, and Universal Studios to take his new found computer knowledge and use his unique art style to streamline the animation process for movies, T.V., and game applications.


       Today Ian is a young producer that has been hired by many third party companies as an outside consultant for marketing promotions, animations, video production and streamline computer processes.


       Ian (now 28) has been quoted as saying, "I think it's safe to say I have enough knowledge and experience. I'm ready to make the next big thing happen."