Don McNeil the Face Behind Lake Shore Productions


Don McNeil began his career producing live shows in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His first production called “Wrestle Slam” brought many of the past and future stars of the WWE stars together for a family show at Carthage College, beginning back in 1986 in Kenosha.  Soon the show grew from five hundred to five thousand in attendance and became known as the largest seen independent show in the country for seventeen years. During this time Don began to also produce other shows like Top Notch Boxing, World Kickboxing, and along with many more live shows. Than in 1999 the Jerry Springer Show came calling and Don began to work as a consulting Producer with legendary producer Toby Yoshimura. Over the next several years Don and Toby traveled the country producing some of the most memorable Jerry Springer shows of that time period. If Emmys where to have been given out, Don and Toby would have had a book shelve.


After leaving The Jerry Springer show Don continued to produce live shows, such as the Harlem Globetrotter’s, International Illusionist star Bill Blagg and many others.  Soon Don found himself working for Tri Star pictures on the movies such as: Dexter Dickie and Hollywood, Wisconsin. Than in 2009 Don created a new summer show called “Gladiator Ball” a summer touring show for many of the stars from the American Gladiators hit NBC show. Similar to the American Gladiator show Don incorporated the help of Muhammad Ali Jr. to be one of the judges, like his sister Laila who was one of the co-hosts of the American Gladiator show.


During this time period Don was asked to write a reality show for the Jackson Five Family grandchildren, but had to pass on the offer to concentrate on developing a summer tour. At that time Don, was also asked to develop a new reality show for “Tap Out”. Don also created and developed another new show currently on the blocks called “Almost Cops!” that was originally signed by a major production house. More recently Don’s  projects have included writing and developing many new hopeful shows for air, as well as  he has contributed to such shows as Hardcore Pawn Detroit, Hardcore Pawn Chicago, a Sony Court TV Pilot, as well as many new and past reality shows. Now, Don is the Vice President of a new production house called, Lakeshore Productions and has high expectations of developing many new TV shows he and Luana Figueroa have create.